Galco International was founded in 1993 in Los Angeles, California and has become one of the largest companies in the nuts and dried fruit industry. The company--with over 20 years of experience--has become a trusted name in the market by practicing integrity and ensuring reliability.

Galco consistently provides nuts and dried fruits to clients globally. Its clients are some of the largest food importers, international grocery chains, independent buyers and multiple distributors. The company ensures personal premium service to all of its customers through excellent communication, and by paying attention to detail with diligence.

Galco International takes pride in its significant contribution to the development of California’s inshell walnut market. Galco has transformed the inshell Chandler walnut industry, which has distinctly increased the livelihood of walnut growers and processors within the state of California and around the world.

Galco International's main objectives are to continue its successful progress by adhering to its core company aims and in the belief that the integrity and close relationship with its clients and vendors will continue to maintain the company's growth.

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